Monday, 16 June 2014

Hometown Story Pocket Review

The free-to-play model from Natsume's 3DS Role-play gaming is up today for the apple iphone.


Hometown Story has recently done their switch out of 3DS on iOS. Their video game can be now downlaoded at the App store aka itunes store.

It is right now a new free-to-play game, so that it doesn't empty your pockets. Absolutely nothing to loose. Keep in mind, it is a fremium type game and does have some IAPs present in the game.

One particular issues using the first 3DS production was actually that Hometown Story sensed very much like a game developed for the mobiles instead of consoles.

All of us handed that 6/10 from analysis then replied "Hometown Story's is kinda a new game but well planned with an amazing storyline."

We hope it provides some thing like it used to be on console on your iPhone. People could obtain Hometown Story Pocket at their iphone app shop right away for absolutely nothing.

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